Running from Nothing

Open roads. Open minds.

Let me spell it out for you

I (super) miss running, but more than that, I miss doling out some good ‘ole advice! I want to tell someone I found an awesome way to… remember to breathe after a day of suffocating work, embrace each crackle in the knees as a strength- not a weakness, or about a new training route discovered that allows for hills and a view (where the heck does this exist in RI, btw?).  But, alas, being sidelined, I can only dream of running stuffs WHILE I dream of baby!

And so, as an old friend of mine requested some advice and answers to questions as she embarks on her first pregnancy, I did what any friend could and picked out the things that I wish I had been told, versus the things that were told to me and still remain unhelpful, pitiful and disheartening.  Thus, my response:

How exciting?!?!?!

Don’t be anxious. It’s a waste of time.

As far as weight gain goes- I’m up 25 pounds right now, and I didn’t try to gain or not gain- I just listened to my body. As long as you’re healthy, your body and baby will gain what they have to to be healthy. Don’t attempt to not gain weight- it’s very dangerous.

Being tired is totally normal. It should get a little better in your 2nd trimester, but will return with vengeance in your 3rd. I wasn’t sick at all, but that should abate in a few weeks, too.

I was taking classes for nursing school last year- so I didn’t need any new vaccines, as I was prodded before school started- I did get tDap a few weeks ago- but you shouldn’t have it until after 20 weeks.

People will give you advice and it will suck, or make you sad, or be discouraging. BUT- tell them thank you and move on. I have LOVED being pregnant. I was told I could not run, which was a bummer, but there is a baby growing inside me!!!! I am tired, my pelvis hurts and I can’t sleep- but there is a baby growing inside me!!!! Come up with a mantra- mine has been “baby, I got this.”

Sometimes men aren’t sure what they need to do to help- don’t hint at what you need, spell it out.

You might swell a little- drink more water. You might see a few veins you didn’t see before, or get a line on your belly, or whatever- embrace it all. What happens to someone else, will NOT necessarily happen to you- just remember that.

Sentences that begin with: “Let me tell you” “Just wait” “You’ll see” should immediately be responded to with a polite “Fuck you”. My wedding band fits fine, I do not fart all the time, I have no hemorrhoids what-so-ever, I didn’t gain 80 pounds and blow up, I didn’t have any intense cravings, etc. But I was told to “just wait” a million times. Often, people who try to drag you down are so unhappy… just keep a smile and remember it’s only 40 weeks out of the next amazing years remaining in our lives to watch these babies grow up. Times will be hard and tears will be shed- but, seeing how our moms still look at us- I’d say it’s pretty much “Worth” (lol) it.

…and I think I wrote too much. Love you- so happy for you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

You catch my drift?
Love it, ladies!!!!

I CANNOT wait to lace up and hit the road again, but watching my belly grow, listening to the wise words of my big sister, who is a new mommy herself, and being selective about what advice gets thrown my way- I think I’ll be just fine- and I know all of my pregnant girlies out there will be, too!  Good luck to everyone as D(elivery) Day arrives!


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  sara wrote @

xo. You’re the bee’s knees, lady!

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